Our perceived place

So, I have friends who are nerds and they often wonder why “the federation” or some other alien group of entities have not communicated with us yet.

Have you ever considered that aliens may be advanced enough that they think of all our communication– TV, radio, etc. as nothing more sophisticated than how we think of birds singing.

Sure, it’s pretty, but what does it mean?  Does it even fit into the concerns of an alien listener, one who has figured out superluminal travel, has no sense of our self-imposed economics of scarcity, and thinks all of our concerns are rather primitive and instinctual in nature (they are).

Sorry, no reply.

Grow up first.  Evolve a little (oh, that’s right, you don’t all believe in that…).  Deal with your problems (oh, that’s right, you don’t believe we are destroying our planet…).  Quit being petty and selfish (oh– never mind…).

Unless we change a lot, we’ll reach our grave long before we reach the stars.

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