The Batshit Mobile is back on the Road.

The brakes and tire work I needed done on the Geo are complete and I will once again be driving the best car I ever owned.

It doesn’t drive like the truck (which has a 6-cylly; but is also stick).  Let’s face it, the (Dodge) truck has more, well, umph,  eats more gas (about 26-gallon, which is low if you own a Prius, the new gold standard in penny-pinching-tight-ass driving).

The Geo gets about 30 and still passes emissions with flying colors without adding oil-seal.  It’s got an oil leak around the around the front seals but as long as you watch the level (and remember to get around to fixing it when you can afford to), it does OK.

It has a turning radius that makes motorcycles blush and handles WAY better in the snow than the other two ‘mobiles (and don’t forget about the age-old pastime of doing donuts on parking lots– read: rear-wheel drive and stick!).

I’ve had the car since about a month before Mr. Zeppo died and it has carried many a dog since then, both to final and to joyful destinations, and now I must devote time to fighting rust (how like life).

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