Fuck Apple!

I hate Apple, because for the second time I have lost a ton of work by hooking up a disk drive that the poor little dear can’t handler and it’s literally eaten about 2 years of artwork.

I hope Steve Jobs burns in hell and their stock tanks.  Cheap Chinese bullshit!


I will get downright offensive the next time someone tries to tell me how great one of these bloated pieces of shit is.  It’s expensive (you pay a premium to LOSE YOUR WORK), I have dropped nearly $10K on Crapple products and have had NOTHING but problems.  SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

On top of that, everything Crapple does is developed around the idea of wanting people my age to DIE!  Just try to change the font size in the fucking piece of shit and see how bad it looks.

Sorry, Crapple.  I am not going to die, but I am going to get another Windows box and then I am going out and fucking beating the shit out these Crapple wastes of money I have bought with a sledge hammer.  Sure, I’ll be out my $10K, but I am anyway and I’LL FEEL GOOD as I smash these fucking boxes into tiny bits of plastic and silicon.

I feel slightly better.

This Crapple box has seconds to live…

6 thoughts on “Fuck Apple!

  1. I would give the MacBook Pro and iMac to the grandkids, but I’m afraid of stunting their development. Kids now days need to learn to think for themselves. I can think of no better way of preventing this than letting them have a non-configurable appliance that reflects the twisted, deceased (and diseased) mind of Steve Jobs. The wily dead fuck felt the whole world should live by his vision and the entire festering shithouse of a planet is the poorer for it.
    The world is a better place without his kind in it.

  2. I sense some possible irritation with Apple products. I concur, although Windows 8 hasn’t been a pleasant experience for me either. Microsoft managed to take an evolved human interface and make it positively obtuse, which was very egalitarian of them since now everyone can be equally confused regardless of experience, education, or intellect.

    1. Oh, don’t you know it. My current prescription dosage has kept me away from resorting to a tall building, rifle and scope, but it was dicey for a while there.

      When my Windows box’s boot track bit the dirt, no biggie– I sent it off to the shop and switched my tremengious bank of USB disk drives over to the iSMacK and fired up my 3D program on the Mac. Funny, lots of “read only” directories running NTFS (supported by CrApple, they SWEAR TO GOD!) were munched. I disconnected them.

      I brought the drives back over to the Windows when my Box came back from the shop and it said “these drives smell funny, mind if I scan them for defects?” Yes, my old friend. There were plenty.

      Thanks CrApple.

      I restored my work from backup, and I only use the Mac to check email, which I’m pretty sure it can handle.

      No CrApple-friendly words are tolerated in my sight or my hearing. Before resorting to stepping heavily on the instep of the perpetrator, I will endeavor to walk away, but you have been warned…

      This is the no-CrApple millennium in my book (just as it is also the “no-Freebird millennium”). I will use every power at my disposal to legally, mercilessly, cruelly and willfully destroy them.

      We hates them, we hates them forever.

      I’ve not taken the “plunge” with Windows 8, although it was the only thing available for the new laptop I’m setting up for my mother.

      Yes, you heard that right, my 72 year old mother will be using Windows 8. I’m setting it up to look and operate as much like XP (her latest Windows familiarity) as I can.

      She needs Outlook, Word, Excel and Bejeweled (she is a bit OCD– no Sudoku puzzle in her reach goes unsolved, but just try to get her to read a book). I think I can get those operating in a more or less un-bolloxed manner.

      I know a guy, Dave M., who used to work at MS. He says that the GUI and interface guys were the most know-it-all, arrogant, pissy, never-listen-to-what-users-want kind of people he had ever met.

      I give you Windows 8!

      Brought to you by Arrogance! (Are you listening CrApple/MS?)

    1. Good to find a fellow person not hypnotized by the Crapple hype. BTW, you may not be old enough to remember it, but Crapple did a 1984 commercial based on the book 1984 by George Orwell, where a revolutionary ran into a room of people thoroughly devoted to the on-screen face of a “dear leader” (I guess it was meant to represent IBM, the 400 pound gorilla of PCs at that time) and throws a sledge hammer into the giant visage of Big Brother. I now feel that we are in an age where Crapple is the evil empire with enthralled devotees and the on-screen image is that of the dead (?) Steve Jobs. If you haven’t seen the Crapple “1984” ad, it’s probably on the YouTubes.

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