That decision has already been made.

If you are a southern secessionist shithead who wants to lick Rick Perry’s balls, who believes that the American Civil war was a war of “northern aggression”; if you are a Nationalist Socialist white  supremacist (a “Nazi”– for I revel in the thought that the term “Nazi” if it offends you, and I sincerely hope that it does so, you fucking Nazi pig), then I want you to die a horrible death. Yes, you may have your  freedom of speech, but I want you to die– and if you act on your sick impulses to kill or secede, I will spend my life in a truly meaningful and valuable way to stop you.

Blood has been paid to end your fucking sick beliefs. I hope you die– regardless of the very worthy belief of free speech. We, the rational voice of humanity, have said “No” to your sick ideals, over and over again.

We have said “no” to what you wanted in the Civil War nationally and, in a world-wide sense, World War Two– there will be no more slavery, no more hate based on Judaism, no more killing of Slavs, Niggers, Poles, nor any other peoples because you think they are less than you.

I will die to stop you. Talk all you want; but act even once an I will proudly pump lead into your fucking midsection you empty-headed ignoramus.

Of course, you think “they” (the Jews, niggers, slavs, poles, native Americans, whatever) are less than you and are the source of all the world’s ills, for they are not like you in small infinitesimally meaningless ways. You are superior with your blue eyes, or biblically described whiteness over blackness, or your American over Mexican nationalist deservedness. Certainly, they must die in horrible ways for their difference from whatever it is that descibes the perfection that is you.

This is what we feel as hairless apes– that if any other hairless ape feels, appears or behaves in a way that distinguishes them from our own behavior, appearance or belief, they must be eradicated from existence. Kill them now.

We, humanity, said no.

Yes we, as humanity, said no, with copious amounts of blood, no less.

If you think there is still an argument to be made, we should hunt you down and kill you. Fuck your free speech.

Darwin demands it.

Darwin did not necessarily believe in God; but God, sure as hell, believes in Darwin. We fought two costly and major wars, first at a national (the Civil War) and a global (World War Two) to say at a very human and intimate level that we reject the precepts that one type of man or woman is superior to another.

If you cannot accept this decision, then you should die.

Fuck you– this has already been decided by beings far superior to you and I for they gave their lives to do so. You are words. They were and gave blood.

I wish the Tea Partiers had spine; for then we could find them on the field of battle and kill them again. We must do so to progress as a species.

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