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Official web page for the geek, writer, musician, über curmudgeon and hack artist twajjo. If you wound up here by mistake, go away.  If you wound up here on purpose, see a doctor.

Some subjects or material in this blog may offend.  For that, I am deeply sorry, but humor is pain, pain becomes humor.  If you are offended, please let me know– if I am sorry, I will apologize to you, no faux “I am sorry if you are offended/I offended you” bullshit.  However, if I am not sorry, I reserve the right to at best ignore your claim of offense and at worst open my big fat trap and extend the damage. Besides:


Anyway, some observations:

  • Everything about every product by Apple says: “hey, old people…  Hurry up and die!
  • After 33+ years of “trickle down”, could we maybe try “trickle up” for a while?  The alternative in the long run will be revolution, as it always has been.
  • A CTO in a start up is someone with no responsibilities, accountability, duties, accomplishments, respect, pay nor place.
  • As Tom Waits says: “Never drive a car when you’re dead”
  • The ideal beer to serve on Easter Sunday? Rolling Rock.

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