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Fuck Apple!

I hate Apple, because for the second time I have lost a ton of work by hooking up a disk drive that the poor little dear can’t handler and it’s literally eaten about 2 years of artwork.

I hope Steve Jobs burns in hell and their stock tanks.  Cheap Chinese bullshit!


I will get downright offensive the next time someone tries to tell me how great one of these bloated pieces of shit is.  It’s expensive (you pay a premium to LOSE YOUR WORK), I have dropped nearly $10K on Crapple products and have had NOTHING but problems.  SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

On top of that, everything Crapple does is developed around the idea of wanting people my age to DIE!  Just try to change the font size in the fucking piece of shit and see how bad it looks.

Sorry, Crapple.  I am not going to die, but I am going to get another Windows box and then I am going out and fucking beating the shit out these Crapple wastes of money I have bought with a sledge hammer.  Sure, I’ll be out my $10K, but I am anyway and I’LL FEEL GOOD as I smash these fucking boxes into tiny bits of plastic and silicon.

I feel slightly better.

This Crapple box has seconds to live…